Climate & winds

Climate & Weather in Zahara de los Atunes in Spain

An overview of the weather & climate conditions in Zahara de los Atunes

Thanks to its geografical situation, Zahara has a very confortable climate almost all year long. More than 330 days of sunshine per year guarantee beach weather at its best!

In the summer months you hardly notice the burning 30°C shown on the thermometer. While in Seville people are literally melting in about 45°C, the fresh wind from the Atlantic ocean makes the sun at the Costa de la Luz bearable.

The winter temperatures hardly drop below 15°C at night and mostly reach about 18°C in the day time. Especially between january and april is when the long awaited rain is falling which is important for the water supplies in this region.

Be carefull, you will get easily sun burned if you don't use the propper sun protection! For water sports enthusiasts a short neoprene is sufficient in the summer, but in the winter you should use a long wet suit (3mm or more).

Here you find the weather forecast for Zahara de los Atunes and Atlanterra online

  1. Windguru.cz
  2. Weather2



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