Zahara de los Atunes

Zahara de los Atunes

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Zahara de los Atunes is situated 1km from Atlanterra in the province ofCadiz and offers great touristic accommodations on one of the nicest beaches of the coast.

The area is characterized by idylic little bays (in direction Bolonia) and its proximity to the large touristic centers of the coast of Cadiz. If you long for quiet beach holidays, then Zahara de los Atunes is just right for you.

From here you can start many interesting day-trips into the Andalusian nature or close by white villages

In the neighbouring bay you'll find the Playa de los Alemanes - the beach of the Germans. Its name results from the days of the dictator Franco, who distributed some properties to some German supporters.

Apart from tourism, Zahara de los Atunes always has made its living of the traditional tuna fishing - the Almadraba.

Fun and leisure in Zahara de los Atunes

Atlanterra is an urbanisation of holiday apartment complexes, just 1km further down the coast in direction Tarifa. But only Zahara provides a funcional infrastructure in the winter time, while Atlanterra then is completely abandoned.

In Zahara crowded bars and clubs are not the first choice. Instead we recommend the so-called Chiringuitos (the beach bars) situated along the beach promenade. Especially in the summer months you'll find great party here ending many times not before 7am.

Up from midnight the beach bars usually turn into dancefloors on the beach. Forget about dress-codes in Zahara de los Atunes! Beach wear is always the right choice. If you prefer to spend the night in a club, let us recommend you the club "La Karpa" close to the Castillo in Zahara center.

The food in Zahara de los Atunes is fantastic! Try the typical Andalusian recipes for fresh local fish like the tuna and sword fish, the unbeatable "Jamon" of the black Andalusian pigs or a filet of the best Spanish beef. We recommend to join the food with a bottle of Rioja and for dessert a glass of sherry from the nearby wineyards around Jerez de la Frontera.

Atlanterra provides some smaller shops selling food, drinks, beach accessories and sun cream. The Hotel Sol Melia has a bit more choice to offer in its hotel shops. The shopping offer in Barbate, however, is much more versatile and complete. You'll find Barbate around 10km further north in direction Cadiz.

The variety of sports offered in Zahara de los Atunes is unlimited. Horseback riding, windsurfing,kitesurfingmountain biking, hiking, paddle, diving and tennis are just a few examples. Thanks to the warm climate all year round you can practice your favourite sports at any time of year in Zahara de los Atunes.

Beaches in Zahara de los Atunes and Atlanterra

The beaches of Zahara de los Atunes are some of the nicest beaches in Andalusia. The fine, white sand will satisfy even the most demanding tourists. We recommend to use sun protection while sun bathing. The Andalusian sun can cause sun burns within a short period.

Those who want to cool down their bodies jump into the Atlantic ocean which in the summer hardly has more than 20°C. In the winter the lowest water temperatures are around 15°C.

For water sports it is recommendable to wear a neoprene suit. The sea water is very clean here and currents or strong tides are no danger hazard. Jelly fish or other non-welcome sea animals are not a problem.

Climate in Zahara de los Atunes and Atlanterra

While temperatures in the summer at the Andalusian coast are comfortably warm, it may be unbearably hot just 50km further within the country side. Seville, for example, is used to have above 40°C every day while on the coast you only feel 25°C.

In winter time it hardly gets any colder than 16°C, except for the nights which could end up being around 10°C. The temperatures also depend on the wind direction: Levante brings warmer air from the land, Poniente brings cool air form the sea.

The average humidity in summer is around 30%, in the winter it is above 50%. The probability of rain is very low apart from January til April. Statistically the Costa de la Luz provides more than 300 days of sunshine per year. In fact, rain is always welcome to assure the water supply in summer.


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