How to arrive to Zahara de los Atunes & Atlanterra

Bus schedules, train connections, public transport & taxi from airport Jerez & Malaga

How to get to Zahara de los Atunes Atlanterra by plane

The airport of Jerez is usually the starting point that leads you to the Costa de la Luz and its surroundings.

Only Brittish citizens could also fly to Gibraltar (GIB) which would be the closest from Zahara de los Atunes and Atlanterra. There are no other airlines apart from the Brittish ones to fly into Gibraltar.

The Malaga and Seville airports are equally far away from Zahara (190km) and therefor the most difficult ones to connect well to Zahara.

We have listed the most important airline companies that fly into the south of Andalusia.

To Zahara de los Atunes by bus

To take a bus from any of the airports to Zahara de los Atunes is a bit complicated. You will have to change the line several times and might have to wait some time for the next connecting bus.

Zahara's bus station is only connected to the neighboring city of Barbate.

From Jerez you will have to take the bus to Cadiz and change there to a bus to Barbate.

From Malaga airport you will have to take the shuttle bus to Marbella and from there to Algeciras and change there to a bus to Barbate again.

Gibraltar is quite close to Algeciras and also well connected. From Algeciras you will find daily buses to Barbate.

To Zahara de los Atunes with a rental car

A more comfortable possibilty of getting to Zahara de los Atunes Atlanterra is renting a car.

You can also book a rental car online via our web page (our rental cars).

From Malaga you take the highway A7 in direction Algeciras, then continue on the national road N340 along the Costa de la Luz and take the exit to Zahara de los Atunes. It'll take you aproximately 2 hours driving 190km.

The A7 highway partially charges road tolls (around 8-10€ depending on the season), but still is the most recommendable route. The free road along the coast takes about 1 hour extra time due to roundabouts and traffic.

From Gibraltar you have to take the same route as from Malaga, but you are already an hour drive closer to Zahara. Drive through Algeciras and follow the coast road til you see the exit to Zahara de los Atunes. This drive is free of road tolls.

From Jerez airport to Zahara de los Atunes takes a 90km drive, free of road tolls. Take the A4 highway in direction Cadiz and exit on the E5. Follow the E5 until Barbate. The A314 road will now bring you to Barbate, where you look for the signs to Zahara.



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