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Play Paddle in Zahara Atlanterra

The Paddle sport has been invented about 100 years ago by an american minister in order to create a new sportive activity for students.

The Paddle sport is quite similar to Tennis, but is being played on a smaller court and the net is lower. In the best case, Paddle should be played in the mode 2 against 2.

The game is fast and requires good reactions.

All the touristic residences of Atlanterra are equipped with Paddle courts and can be used free by the residents. Just write your name in the schedule next to the courts and reserve your playing time.

Even the absolute beginners have a lot of fun playing Paddle as it is easier than tennis. offers here some accommodations with Paddle courts:

Resorts in
Zahara de los Atunes
& Atlanterra
  1. Resort "Bahía de la Plata"
  2. Resort "Mar de Plata"
  3. Resort "Almadraba Playa"
11393 Zahara de los Atunes, CZ, Spain
"Paddle fans will be happy in Zahara & Atlanterra"