Zahara de los Atunes beach bars guide - All about beach bars in Zahara de los Atunes and Atlanterra with reviews

Reviews and photos of the best bars and pubs in Zahara de los Atunes

The best way to find amusement in Zahara de los Atunes is to spend some time in one of the various beach bars on the beaches Playa Zahara and Playa Atlanterra.

Along the fine sandy beach between Atlanterra and Zahara there are beach bars every 200m, some of them also offer food all day long.

The ambience in the beach bars is very relaxed and people simply enjoy the nice weather, good music, short distance to the water and gastronomical offer of Zahara de los Atunes.

In the summer Zahara and Atlanterra have gained some fame, as many famous people spend their holidays there. Don't be surprised if you meet some faces you have seen in TV before...

Many great music concerts are being promoted from the beach bars in Zahara and Atlanterra. Not like in most other seaside resorts in Andalusia, the beach bars often stay open til the early morning representing a great alternative to crowded clubs in Zahara and Atlanterra.

GoZahara.com has prepared an overview of the beach bars in Zahara and Atlanterra, so you know where to go.

Beachbars in Zahara de los Atunes

Beach Bar El Buitre
Playa Zahara
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Many concerts in the summer.
Fun from dusk til dawn.
Tlf. 663 482 474
Beach Bar La Luna
Playa de la Colmena
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Barbecue place with great meat dishes.
Ideal in the day time.
Tlf. 956 439 726
Beach Bar El Arenal
Playa Zahara, La Muralla
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Right next to the wall of the Palace.
Economic prices and tapas.
Beach Bar Iguana-Beach
Playa Zahara
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Famous for good parties and nightlife.
Live music or DJs.
Beach Bar Antonio
Playa Zahara
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Infront of Hotel Antonio.
Fresh fish from the Zahara bay.
Tlf. 958 688 534
Beach Bar La Gata
Playa Zahara / Barbate
11380 Zahara de los Atunes
  A classic for its Spanish live concerts.
Try the Mojito here!


Beach bars in Atlanterra

Beach Bar Meliá Atlanterra
Playa Atlanterra
11380 Zahara de los Atunes
  Well designed place with great food.
Infront of Hotel Melía Atlanterra.
Tlf. 956 439 000
Beach Bar La Costa
Playa Zahara
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Cocktais, concerts and DJs, besides good food.
Only beach bar with handicaped access.
Tlf. 628 739 266
Beach Bar La Parrilla
Playa Atlanterra
11380 Zahara de los Atunes
  Grill and barbecue place.
More ambience in the day time.
Beach Bar La Palmera
Playa Atlanterra
11380 Zahara de los Atunes
  Situated infront of the building "La Plamera"
Modern and well decorated.
Beach Bar Jonny Chiringo
Playa Atlanterra
11380 Zahara de los Atunes
  Thai style chill out huds on the beach.
Best place to enjoy the sunset.
Beach Bar Los Sueños
Playa Atlanterra
11380 Zahara de los Atunes
  Excellet kitchen and good music.
One of the must-go-places in Zahara-Atlanterra.



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