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Windsurfing is one of the most popular sports in Zahara de los Atunes and attracts water sports enthusiasts from all over the world to this beautiful region in Spain.

The close by village of Tarifa, 30km down the coast at the most southern point of the peninsula, is known to be the windsurfing epicenter of Europe. This is the windiest spot in Europe with more than 200 days per year over 5 Bft. 

Tarifa can be quite crowded, especially in the summer months. The conditions at the beaches of Zahara de los Atunes are similar to Tarifa, but without the crowds.

The Strait of Gibraltar is forcing the winds through the most narrow part between Africa and Europe creating this consistant power of winds. On its way along the Costa de la Luz the strong Levante wind will have lost 2Bft. of strength until it reaches the beaches of Zahara.

Winds in Zahara de los Atunes - Poniente & Levante

The winds Poniente and Levante guarantee variety on the waters around Zahara. Days per year without any wind in Zahara can be counted on two hands.

One of the two winds will certainly be blowing most of the days of the year.

Levante Wind in Zahara

Wind direction   Side-offshore from the east
Strength in beaufort   4-8 Bft.
Water   Flat water with wind waves outside
Sail sizes   Wave/Freestyle sails, 3,5m² - 4,2m² - 5,0m²
Board sizes   Wave/Freestyle/Speed boards, 65 - 85 liter volumen
Best Levante months   May to October
Best Levante spots   Caños de Meca, Zahara de los Atunes, Tarifa

Poniente Wind in Zahara

Wind direction   Sideshore from west
Strength in beaufort   3-6 Bft.
Water   Wind waves
Sail sizes   Freestyle/Slalom sails, 4,7m² - 5,3m² - 6,0m²
Board sizes   Slalom/Freestyle boards, 80 - 120 liters volume
Best Poniente months   November until April
Best Poniente spots   Zahara de los Atunes, BoloniaTarifa

Windsurf spots and windsurf beaches in Zahara and Atlanterra

Windsurf-Spot Zahara de los Atunes - Beach Playa Zahara

In the protected bay of Zahara the water is mostly calm and the conditions are great to advance your windsurfing skills. 

Most of the days you'll surf here almost alone. Make sure you bring a bigger sail size as well, so you can have fun on days with 4 Bft., too.

Windsurf-Spot Atlanterra - Beach Playa de los Alemanes

This beach of is situated on the left end of the Bahia de la Plata, the bay of Atlanterra and Zahara.

On days with good waves the surfers will most likely ask you to keep a distance to them, but the general rule is here: the more wind, the less surfers will sit in the waves.

The beach is 1.5 km long, so there should be enough space for everybody.

Windsurf-Spot Caños de Meca

Caños de Meca is the name of this less known windsurf spot at the Costa de la Luz. 

On days with 8 Bft. in Tarifa, it'll still be solid 7 Bft. in Caños de Meca. Extra flavour is being added by the outside reef that generates great waves.  

If you prefer the water to be a bit more calm, then we recommend the other side of the bay next to the light house of Trafalgar, which is protected by the point and provides flat water. 

Windsurf-Spot Playa Bolonia

In direction Tarifa you find the neighboring bay of Zahara de los Atunes named Bolonia

Kitesurfing is not allowed in Bolonia. A German windsurfing center has opened in Bolonia in 2006 offering quailfied lessons and rental equipment.

A good solution for those of you who need to rent equipment, but prefer not to drive until Tarifa every day.

Windsurf-Spot Valdevaqueros, Tarifa

The city beach of Tarifa is not recommendable for Levante days, as there's wind holes created by the hosues of town. 

The other end of the bay, the Valdevaqueros, is certainly the better choice for those days. It's easy to find, just drive from Atlanterra in direction Cadiz and look out for the sand dune at the bottom of the mountain of San Bartolo. 

This is where the most windsurfer can be seen. There is a windsurf zone and a kitesurf zone to handle the amount of people in the water. 

The shape of the bay provides that the Levante reaches its strongest force at this spot. Further outside the Levante creates great waves for jumping.

Windsurfing schools und Windsurf Shops

Unfortunately, there is no windsurf station in or near Zahara de los Atunes to rent material or take lessons. You'll have to bring your own material.

The offer of rental material or windsurf lessons in Tarifa, 30km away from Zahara, fulfill any windsurfers needs for sure.

Windsurfshops in Tarifa   Big Fish Tarifa Sailboards Tarifa Bull Surfshop Surfeador
Windsurfing schools in Tarifa   Club Mistral Skyrider, Hotel Hurricane Tarifa Smile, Valdevaqueros Planet Windsurf, Bolonia  


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"Zahara de los Atunes between the best windsurf spots in Costa de la Luz"

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